3 Rookie SEO Tips You Can Use Right Now

Search engine optimisation is an industry packed with misinformation and bad research. Here at SEO Tips, we want to clear through some of the nonsense and give you some useful advice you can start using now.

1. Get onto Google Search Console

This is simple – head to Google Search Console by clicking here. You’ll need to verify your property with a bit of code; if you have a WordPress site you can simply download a header and footer plugin, or watch this video from WPBeginner –

Shot of Google Search Console in Action

Once you’re verified, you can follow your nose and complete your first crawl. Don’t be afraid to Google, “what is…(insert confusing term here) it’s the fasted way to learn, and as you’ll discover using Search Console can yield some fairly immediate results, and we don’t get to say that in SEO very often.



2. Do Your Keyword Research

It’s no good ranking for keywords that don’t yield any results. If your jewellery store is ranking on page 1 for ‘antique jewellery’ and you only sell new, then nobody wins. The same is true of assumption – just because it’s a word you’d use to search Google doesn’t mean that other people will. In point 3 we’ll go through some research tools that you can use to judge traffic and click-through rates. Check these out before spending time and money trying to rank for keywords that simply don’t work. Research –

  •  Are they hard to rank for – scores vary from tool to tool, but they are usually explained on site.
  • Do they attract a lot of impressions (showing up on viewers screens?)
  • Is the clickthrough rate high (do they generate visits?)

3. Know You SEO Score

“I’ve tried everything,” is the catchcry for everyone who doesn’t measure the reasons for their SEO success or failure. Luckily for all of us, some clever people have come up with tools that make measuring the most important inputs easy. Most of these come with a free trial or limited functionality packages, so try before you commit – every tool has a different UX and it needs to work for you. We’ve just listed names and not supplied links because we don’t want to appear to be promoting anyone. Just Google ’em.

Backlinks – Ahrefs, Spyfu, Majestic, Moz

Keyword Research – SEMRush, Ahrefs, Moz

Traffic – Google Analytics

Begin with these well-known programs. If you’d like to see reviews or similar products, just enter the product and then ‘vs’ into Google. For example, “Spyfu vs” and Google will show you competitors and comparison sites, along with user reviews.

Good luck with your SEO efforts and remember, nothing beats high-quality content, so if you’re not blogging, then get on with it.





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