Stop Treating Google Like a Fricken Idiot!

If Google could speak, she would say, “Stop repeating yourself!”

Yep, Google’s a woman and she is at the end of her rope with your repetitive content. It’s not that she isn’t interested in what you’re up to, but honestly, you are treating her like an idiot.

So you want to rank for “marketing hacks.” How do I know that? Because the phrase “marketing hacks” is so ridiculously prevalent in your blog titles, metadata and content that it’s almost ridiculous. When the algorithmic updates took place, Google didn’t become a little bit smarter, she transformed into some kind of super genius robot princess that had the ability to understand everything on earth in the time it takes you to boil an egg!

That may be an exaggeration… but not a massive one.

Look, I understand what you’re trying to do –  and I’m just a mere mortal. Google is a mega-genius compared to me, so do you think she’s being fooled when lil’ old me has worked it out? The thing is, she wants to help you out, but she doesn’t want to be treated like a moron. If you want to rank for something, then write about, or create videos about it, or mention it in your website content…just don’t keep repeating yourself on the misguided assumption that for some reason Google will be beaten into submission. Because Google was not only a genius, she is also crazy tough and doesn’t care what bullies think.

So what do you write about if you can’t write about the same thing over and over again? Well, you should use what is clumsily referred to as the “topic cluster” strategy to generate complimentary content.

Don’t worry about the terminology; marketers and search engine peeps love creating complicated terms for very simplistic stuff.

Topic clusters are things that partner with the other thing that you’re writing about. For example, if you are selling mountain bikes and trying to rank for the obvious keyword term “mountain bikes” then you would find a bunch of complimentary terms and topics and write about them.

You know, as if your blog was useful to the mountain biking community.

You might write about appropriate clothing for various weather conditions, or the best tracks in your local area or judging by my local coffee shop, how to get in the way and be as annoying as possible in a café. These enable you to broaden your blog into something more useful and interesting and not just act as a promotional tool for your business.

Google likes this because she loves her users and they like having their questions answered, not being tricked into reading an article that ends up promoting someone’s product.

So why would you do it? If you can’t sell something, then why bother creating articles at all? Because quality traffic is online currency in its purest form, and creating content that people come back for is worth potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars – and that’s just being realistic. If you can engage a portion of the community, like REALLY engage and get them reading your content on a consistent basis, then your online traffic will be worth something to your store, and to those who will seek to engage your community through advertising.

Yes, other people advertising on your site is a very good idea, as long as your blog is more than just a promotional tool for your business.

So stop repeating yourself, Google has a doctorate in awesomeness and isn’t going to put up with your nonsense anymore. But hey, she’s also really forgiving so let’s start the relationship afresh. Well, after a while anyway.

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