How to Get Backlinks – In Plain English

My first backlink campaign was disastrous for one reason only.

I had followed best practice and created an amazing campaign on BuzzStream (right strategy, good tool…) and the response was less than 1%, which equated to 0 backlinks.



“It must’ve been your content,” I hear you say. Sounds logical, but I had spent hours crafting content designed specifically for outreach – it was engaging, useful and written in such a way that it could appeal to a broad cross-section of people.

But the content was written with my readers in mind.

Good content for outreach isn’t same has good content for blogging. when creating a piece that you want other bloggers to share with their audience, it needs to be created with their audience in mind. For example, if you are targeting health bloggers, a bit of research will increase results exponentially.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create a list of potential blog targets. (We now use BuzzSumo for this, because the research tools are on point)
  2.  Research existing content and find a gap.
  3.  Create a piece of content that fills that gap.
  4.  Reach out to the blog owner.

Your outreach email should explain exactly what you are doing, without any selling or cheesy tactics.

Hey John,

I read your article, “5 Foods that Will Make you Super-Strong” and thought it was awesome. I recently wrote an article that might be interesting to your readers. It’s about kale – one of the five foods – and some of the science behind why it’s so important. I’d love you to share it if you think it’s useful.

Keep up the good work!


Through this approach, we managed to not only achieve a response rate above 40%, but also gain some solid backlinks and, perhaps most importantly, begins some relationships that will continue to develop over the years.

The power of backlinks in SEO is obvious – we all need ’em to rank – but far more important is the process itself and how direct engagement can change the very nature of your blog, and how you interact with other members of the blogging community.

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